Double Take

We give you Michelle Van Loon and Daniel Darling with a double take on healing—in this life and the one to come.


Take 1: The And of Advent

by Michelle Van Loon


At this most wonderful time of year, images of abundance are everywhere—tables overflow with luscious treats, ornament-frosted trees are surrounded by piles of beautifully wrapped gifts, and the calendar is packed with festive parties and gatherings. When I read Jesus’ words in John 10:10, I’m tempted to imagine that the way He spoke about His followers receiving life to the full was akin to some version of Perfect American Christmas every day. Read more >


Take 2: Cycles of Relief

by Daniel Darling


Don’t forget the back pad, my wife says as we leave the house to go out for dinner or coffee or a movie. The back pad is a constant presence in our lives, sitting there on her chair at meal times, leaning against the driver’s seat in the family minivan, and showing up even at church, in our favorite pew. Read more >


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