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This is the web site of In Touch Ministries of the UK. 
Our postal address is: 
PO Box 214 



At In Touch Ministries of the UK (hereafter “ITM-UK”), our mission is to lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church.

We are committed to preserving your privacy and the security of your personal information.  This Privacy Policy is intended to clearly inform you of how we collect personal information, how collected information is used, and how to communicate your personal information preferences. Thank you for taking the time to review the statements that follow.

We continuously review our policies, procedures, and systems to make sure that we conform to the highest standards of information security, end-user transparency, and informed consent. This Privacy Policy may therefore change from time to time as circumstances warrant. When our Privacy Policy changes, the revised policy will be posted here. Please return to this page to view our current Privacy Policy.


ITM-UK is a Christian ministry, organised as a registered charity in England and Wales (1171043).  ITM-UK works alongside In Touch Ministries of the US (hereafter “ITM-US”) (EIN 58-1495310) to fulfill its common mission to lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church.


In striving to fulfill its mission, ITM-UK works with Ministry organizations located outside of the European Union, including ITM-US.  As ITM-UK is committed to maintain compliance based on the local jurisdiction in which it operates, this Privacy Policy is written to cover only the activities that fall under the governing laws of the European Union.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “personal information,” is information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, including name, address, telephone number, email address, and individual preferences, and interests that you may provide to ITM-UK.

For online transactions, we also request your credit card number, expiration date, and may request your Card Security Code [CSC, CVV2, or CCID] number.  See “INFOMRATION SECURITY” section below.


ITM-UK never collects personal information without your knowledge and consent. We may request personal information when you;

  • Create an account
  • Request a resource
  • Create a subscription to one of our publications
  • Make a donation
  • Make a purchase
  • Submit a prayer request
  • Use site links to otherwise communicate with us

The personal information we collect will be done in accordance with the Data Protection Law governing activities in the United Kingdom.  Therefore, we will collect and process personal information where we have a lawful basis, including;

  • You have provided specific consent to use your information for one of the above mentioned actions, such as fulfilling a requested subscription or purchased resource.
  • We have a legal obligation to maintain personal information on the basis of regulatory guidelines, such as transactions details for Gift Aid, or accounting / tax purposes.


ITM-UK takes your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and provide the products and mailings wherein you have expressed specific consent.

ITM-UK will not sell, rent, lease, or exchange your information with any other organization, except for those service providers who help us serve you under contract, as described in the preceding section of this policy, or if legally required to do so, such as by law or regulation or in response to privacy processes, or to protect the rights, property, or safety of ITM-UK or its personnel.  Services wherein a third party organisation may be provided personal data in order to complete services wherein you have expressed specific consent include;

  • The production and postage of mailings to which you have subscribed. 
  • The administration of your account, including the set-up and updating of personal information you provide to us.

In working alongside of ITM-US, ITM-UK may provide personal information to ITM-US and affiliated organisations to provide and process services wherein you have expressed specific consent.


Information you provide Directly Us

When you call or write to request a resource, make a donation, or subscribe to one of ITM-UK’s publications, you will be required to provide certain personal information in order to fulfill your request.  We will only require you to provide the personal information necessary with your request.

When you engage with us on Social Media, the information publically posted is subject to the Privacy Policies of the Social Media platform.  If you choose to engage with ITM-UK beyond the public discussion form, you will be required to provide certain personal information in order to fulfill your request via a private channel.  As with the information above, we will only require you to provide the personal information necessary with your request.

Information you provide by using our Website

Visitors to ITM-UK’s website are not required to provide any personal information.   Our web servers at automatically log and store anonymous information each time you visit the site.

This information includes:

  • Time and Date of visit
  • IP address
  • Host
  • Client (browser type)
  • The referrer by which you came to

We use network information to help us understand how people use our website, to administer the site, and to get trend-level information about site visitors and how they reached our site.

If you choose to create an account on our website, you will be asked to provide personal information, including your name, email address and post code.  Once you create an account and register on our website, you will no longer be anonymous to us when you subsequently sign in. 

As the information provided in your account helps us to provide you with the resources you order or process donations correctly, you agree that any registration information you provide to ITM-UK will always be accurate, correct and up to date.  For any changes in your account information, please contact us using any of the methods stated below.

We use personal information to serve your specific needs and fulfill your specific requests, at your personal consent. We may also share your personal information with external service providers who help us better serve you, under strict contractual terms that preserve your privacy and prevent any misuse of your personal information. Examples of such service providers include, but are not limited to, mailing service bureaus and credit card processors.   


At our discretion, we may send a small file, commonly called a “cookie,” to your computer. Our Web servers use cookies to recognize you when you visit our site, and potentially to identify which areas or site features you have used. We may use cookies to personalize your online experience at our website. Cookies cannot damage your computer, nor can they read data from your hard drive.

You have the option, through changing your browser settings, of refusing all cookies, or of being notified when a website attempts to send a cookie to your browser. If you choose not to accept cookies, your online experience may be restricted, and some site features may not operate as designed.


ITM-UK is committed to preserving the security of all information in our custody. Our information systems are maintained in physically secured, access-controlled data centers, including those outside of the UK. All data are protected through a multi-layered approach at the network, storage, server, and applications levels, with data access rigorously controlled and limited to trained employees on a need-to-know basis. In addition, we engage external consultants to audit our online systems and test them periodically for all known vulnerabilities.

ITM-UK uses Secure Sockets Layer [SSL] technology to securely encrypt data sent during credit card transactions. Credit card numbers are not retained on our online systems, but are immediately destroyed once passed to our credit card processor. You can be confident that your online transactions with In Touch Ministries are secured to the highest standards set by the credit card processing industry.

  1. Under 18 Years OLD

ITM-UK will not knowingly collect or preserve data from children under 18 years of age.  If you are under 18 and would like to request a resource, make a donation, or subscribe to one of ITM-UK’s publications, please ensure that you have consent from a parent or guardian before giving us your personal information. 


Upon request we will provide you with access to all information, including proprietary information, that we maintain about you, including unique identifier information (for example, your customer number and/or password), transaction information (for example, dates on which you made donations and/or purchases, and amounts and types of your donations and/or purchases), communications that you have directed to our site (for example, emails and other inquiries), your contact information (for example, your name, address, and telephone number), and a description of any other information we may maintain about you.

You can obtain this information by writing to us at:

In Touch Ministries
PO BOX 214

We can also be reached via email at, or you can reach us by calling our Customer Care Center toll-free at 0800 098 8529 (Hours M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

Please feel free at any time to request correction of any inaccuracies in your contact information and unique identifiers. You may request corrections by sending us email at the above address, calling us at the above telephone number, or writing to us at the above address.

You can view and change much of your account information by logging in to the In Touch website at, then clicking the “My Account” link.

Our goal is to serve you with excellence. We never intend to send communications you do not want.

Where you have provided your consent for our use of your personal information, you always have a right to withdraw your consent at any time.    Please let us know by unsubscribing as indicated in the email, sending us email at the above address, calling us at the above telephone number, or writing to us at the above address.

You have the right to request us to erase your personal information, request us to restrict our processing of your personal information or to object to our processing of your personal information.

Should you wish to exercise these rights require you to prove your identity with two pieces of approved identification. Please provide as much information as possible about the nature of your contact with us to help us locate your records.


By using our website, contacting us via post, email of by phone, and by giving us your personal information, you agree that this Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use of this website, and you assent to this ITM-UK Privacy Policy. ITM-UK reserves the right to change this policy at any time, without advance notice. Whenever we change our Privacy Policy, the revised policy will always be posted here for your review.


If you have any further questions about In Touch Ministries of the UK's Privacy Policy, please contact us.