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Reading Plans

To help you stay in God’s Word.


Listening to God

10-Day Reading Plan

Does God still speak to us today? And if so, how can we distinguish His voice from the deceptions and distortions of the enemy? Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he helps you identify the voice of God, listening actively for His guidance and separating truth from false messages intended to deceive. Discover your key role in the practice of prayer and listening to the voice of God.

Passion & Purpose

10-Day Reading Plan You’re not here by accident. God has assigned you a purpose on earth and has equipped you specifically to fulfill it ... and if you’ll seek Him, He’ll awaken your passion for that purpose in ways you never imagined. Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he shares the biblical path to fulfilling your God-given potential by laying out seven essentials to an abundant life—the life of purpose God’s planned just for you.

The Will of God

7-Day Reading Plan God’s will for you doesn’t have to remain a mystery. Whether facing a major life decision or simply trying to walk with the Lord each day, your heavenly Father wants to reveal the plans He has for you. Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he teaches you about the will of God, how to discern it, and steps to take when walking in His will for your life.

Finding Peace

10-Day Reading Plan Do you want more peace in your life? Do you want tranquility to be more than just a wish? You can gain true peace but only from one source—God. Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he shows you the way to life-changing peace of mind, offering you the tools for resolving past regrets, facing present concerns, and soothing apprehensions about the future.

When Tragedy Strikes

5-Day Reading Plan There’s no limit to who can experience tragedy. Sooner or later, everyone will be faced with the sadness and difficulties associated with sudden traumatic events that change life forever. Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he invites you to experience God’s compassion during times of crisis and helps you discover how to respond when tragedy strikes.

Victory Over Anxiety

7-Day Reading Plan Anxiety is a normal response to the uncertainties we face in life. But what we do with our anxiety—and how long we allow it to live within us—is the key. Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he defines this destructive emotion, shows you how to gain the upper hand, and helps you find God’s solution for anxiety once and for all, leading you to enjoy a victorious, faith-filled life.

Understanding Financial Stewardship

10-Day Reading Plan What does a prosperous life look like for a Christian? Some teach that God wants His people to be wealthy, while others believe the truly spiritual person should avoid the pursuit of riches. But what does the Bible say? What’s God’s definition of being prosperous? Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he examines the principles of financial stewardship and helps you gain insight into sound biblical principles for managing your money.

The Whole Church

14-Day Reading Plan When Jesus Christ founded His church, He had a clear vision of what it would be—and He’s calling each of us to participate in that vision, both in our local communities and around the world. Join Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries as they help you discover what it means to be part of His church, finding your unique place in the story of God’s people.

The Consequences of Anger

7-Day Reading Plan Some days it seems as if a spirit of anger is permeating the entire world. Stories of violence, rage, and discord fill the airwaves while families are being torn apart by unresolved conflict. Where can you turn to find peace in this angry world? Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he helps you discover the consequences of anger in Part 3 of his series on Anger.

Stuck in Reverse

10-Day Reading Plan Do you ever wonder why it seems your life is going nowhere? Have wrong turns and detours prevented you from reaching your goals and dreams? Do fear, sin, and hesitation paralyze you from living the life God has in store for you? Join Dr. Charles Stanley as he explains how you can shift out of reverse and into drive, living an abundant life in Christ full of hope and meaning.

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