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Generation to Generation

Learning English can be difficult for many Spanish-speaking immigrants. But oftentimes their children grown up to be fluent speakers of the language. In Touch provides resources with which both generations can enjoy and grow in Christ together.

In Touch Ministries staff November 29, 2021

Victor, Spanish Content Director

Victor had a successful career in advertising and never imagined he’d work in full-time ministry. But over time, he began to feel the need for a new challenge and purpose. An opening at In Touch Ministries led him to this purpose, and today, after decades of service, he oversees our Spanish-language material.

Victor’s arrival at In Touch coincided with the decision to launch a Spanish-language version of its monthly devotional. To prepare, he started poring over the English version of the issue to learn the ins and outs of what it took to create and publish it.

One of the things Victor loves most about his role at In Touch is the impact he can have across the board. “We don’t focus on only one thing,” he said. “We look at everything as a whole.” That includes not only the devotional, but Dr. Stanley’s upcoming books, radio spots, social media posts, and more. Though much of our print material is created for the U.S., the Spanish team effectively reaches Latin America through online platforms like our website and YouTube.

Victor and his wife have two children in college. When they aren’t working, and the kids aren’t studying, all four love their time together, particularly serving in their church. Many years ago, Victor met his wife at church in their native Puerto Rico, and it’s always been important for them to be engaged and growing with their local body of believers.

For Victor, the Spanish-language content at In Touch creates a bridge between generations. If a native Spanish speaker immigrates to the U.S. but is learning English, En Contacto provides discipleship materials that are easy to use. And he’s seen instances where second- and third-generation Americans become dedicated recipients of In Touch’s English offerings because of the spiritual fruit they’ve seen take shape in the lives of their own parents or grandparents. These kinds of testimonies inspire Victor and his team to continue their work in diligence—whether in English or Spanish, for the millions being reached with the gospel.

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