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Daily Devotion

Learning to Walk by Faith

Despite our faults and failures, God loves us and works through every willing heart.

October 4, 2023

Genesis 12:1-8

When the Bible tells us about a great man or woman of faith, the Lord in His kindness also often shows us the person’s weakness and failings. For example, let’s look at Abraham. Like any one of us, he had faults. He sinned. He made mistakes.  Still, God loved him and accomplished great things through his life.

When the Lord spoke, Abraham listened. Just imagine what promises and blessings he would have missed if he’d failed to pay attention. (See Gen. 12:1-8; Gen. 15:1-5; Gen. 17:1-4.) Abraham’s conversations with God teach us what living by faith looks like:

  • Listening to God. When we recognize God’s voice, we’ll have assurance about what to do and where to go.

  • Obeying God. Obeying God shows we really trust Him, and each time we obey Him, our faith grows stronger.

  • Depending on God. Human nature wants to be self-sufficient, but we desperately need God’s wisdom, strength, and help.

  • Waiting on God. Our willingness to patiently let God move in His own way reaps great blessings—and prevents big messes.

  • Acknowledging and learning from our failures. The Bible tells us that God exalts the humble (Matt. 23:12).

 Which of these do you struggle with? Ask God to help you move forward, trusting Him and listening for His voice.

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