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Glaciers in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Photo by Charles F. Stanley.
Daily Devotion

Saved by Grace

Jesus suffered and died so that all who believe in Him can live forever as part of God's family.

July 8, 2024

Ephesians 2:4-10

Many people believe that piling up good works can make them right with God. Yet when it comes to sin, death is the only payment that can satisfy divine justice (Rom. 6:23). Since we all sin, this leaves us facing an eternity cut off from God. But grace, the expression of divine love and kindness to the undeserving, prompted the solution: Jesus. According to John 6:29, the only “work” we need to do is believe. The Savior’s death brought us:

• New Life. Our spirit is made alive in Christ the moment we acknowledge we’re sinners and believe that His death paid our sin debt in full.

• Freedom. At salvation, sin’s power over us is broken and we are set free from its hold. Now we can exercise our newfound freedom and follow the Lord.

• Security. When we accept that we are sinners and acknowledge our Savior’s sacrifice as payment for all our wrongdoing, we’re permanently adopted into the God’s family. Someday we will be seated in the heavenly realms with Christ to enjoy life everlasting with Him.

God, the One against whom we rebelled, sent His Son to receive the punishment that was rightfully ours. How will you show the Lord gratitude for His saving grace?

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