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Dolomite Mountains, Italy. Photo by Charles F. Stanley.
Daily Devotion

The Motivational Power of Grace

Unmerited favor is God's gift to you—you are fully loved and accepted forever.

June 22, 2024

Romans 6:1-4

Some Christians have a hard time with the doctrine of grace. They think, It just seems too easy to say, “Believe in Jesus and you’re accepted no matter what you do.” To please God, shouldn’t believers have to live a certain way? This reasoning mixes legalism with grace by saying, “Sure, we are saved by grace, but after salvation, you’d better follow the rules to stay in God’s favor.” Such thinking misses the point of grace and the message of hope.

Grace is a greater motivator than law (2 Cor. 4:15-17). If you think you must perform in order to please God, guilt is your constant companion. Every time you fail to live up to your own expectations, you may question whether God loves you—or maybe even whether you’re really saved. The Lord doesn’t want us to live like this. We’ve already received His acceptance, and there is nothing more we can add to it. Grace not only sets us free from guilt but also motivates us to obey and serve God out of love and gratitude for everything He has done for us. Instead of feeling burnt out in our service, we will have a burning passion for Him.

Are you working to please God? Ask Him to help you to accept His grace and to walk in it. You’ll find living that way is energizing. Obedience and service will be a natural result of His overflowing love, and you’ll live a life filled with joy and gratitude.

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