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TV Sermon

To Whom Are You Listening?

Give God the time He deserves by closely listening to His voice when He's speaking to your heart.

May 4, 2024

We're sometimes overwhelmed by instant communication, information, and entertainment. Do we let these drown out the voice of God? He has been speaking to us ever since creation, so we know He wants to communicate with us. How do we give Him the time He deserves?

Sermon Outline

To Whom Are You Listening?

There’s no shortage of distractions in the world, and each of them can keep us from hearing the Lord clearly. This week’s sermon explores how we can identify God’s voice and discern His will for our life.

Key Passage: Hebrews 1:1-2

God has been speaking to His people from the beginning. Today, He communicates with believers through the Holy Spirit. But how can we know if we’re hearing Him?

People don’t listen to God because ...

  • They don’t have a relationship with Him.

  • The messages of the world drown Him out.

  • They ignore God’s word.

  • They harbor sin, which deafens the ears.

How do we identify the voice of God? It will ...

  • Be consistent with the Bible.

  • Often conflict with human nature or conventional wisdom.

  • Challenge us to grow in faith.

  • Speak quietly to our hearts.

  • Always be specific.

We should learn to listen to God in order to ...

  • Make good decisions.

  • Receive strength.

  • Know His will.

  • Receive direction and guidance.

If we fail to listen to God, we ...

  • Allow the world to draw us away from Him. u Become easily deceived.

  • Make costly decisions.

  • Make choices that appeal to the flesh.

  • Miss His will.

  • Experience eternal consequences, missing out on either heavenly rewards or salvation itself.

After Watching

Consider these thoughts and questions in response to the sermon:

  • Is there anything in your life keeping you from hearing the Lord clearly? If so, how can you lessen its presence in your life?

  • Is there something you need to bring before the Lord now, asking for specific guidance?

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