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Voice of Hope

How God reshaped Liz Kawasaki’s life to encourage believers around the world

John VandenOever August 7, 2022

The voice on TV was comforting, familiar somehow. But Liz Kawasaki, just waking after a night in the hospital with her uncle, couldn’t quite place the preacher. The lesson was on God’s grand plan despite Joseph’s many travails—including betrayal by family.

Photography by Ben Rollins

Kawasaki could relate. In a 10-year span, she’d lost both parents and became estranged from her brothers. Now her uncle, after a stroke, was given less than 12 months to live.

Facing an uncertain future yet encouraged by Dr. Stanley’s teaching, Kawasaki pleaded to know God’s will. After arranging a work sabbatical, she brought her uncle home to give him the best possible quality of life.

A corporate auditor, Kawasaki had provided in-depth analysis to clients in financial straits. She gave the same level of care to her uncle, who eventually came off medication and, eight years later, is well and in his early 80s. But at the time, it was an isolating experience, as she had to keep a watchful eye on her easily confused patient.

The night in the hospital did more than alter her career trajectory. The Lord began “peeling layer after layer to expose the Devil’s lies that being a Sunday Christian was enough,” she said, explaining she became aware of habits and actions that had entangled her for decades. “[God’s been] releasing me from memories of unforgiveness, guilt, and pain that I relived constantly.”

Recalling her early connection to Dr. Stanley, she described watching TV Saturday nights and falling asleep on the couch. She’d wake to her mother singing along with the choir on the In Touch program. Then she’d hear Dr. Stanley’s voice as Mom, sitting between her and the dog, took notes until it was time for church.

Kawasaki has cared for her uncle more than 8 years, as she promised Mom.

Now she was listening to Dr. Stanley again—and growing. Developing an online business enabled her to connect with others, and in 2020 she joined the “Blessed to Be” In Touch Facebook group, where she met many other believers who followed Dr. Stanley’s teaching. When the study ended, group members didn’t want to lose their connection with each other.

Kawasaki reached out to In Touch, and the ministry suggested starting a new group. She was nervous to do so—but soon found a number of friends from “Blessed to Be” to help manage the project. Now, moderators from Puerto Rico to Hawaii oversee “Dr. Stanley’s Bible Study Series,” a group with more than 600 members. In Touch content is posted, and members share how Jesus is working in their lives. Over 400 requests are prayed over during three weekly Zoom calls, and between times, Kawasaki often hops on the phone when someone needs comfort or a listening ear.

“Five years ago, if you had told me I’d be doing this now, I’d have [said] you were off your rocker,” she laughs. “I’ve pretty much committed my life to the ministry of helping people. That’s all I can think about.” Like Joseph, Kawasaki sensed God shaping her for a time when people would feel isolated, disconnected, and hungry for a relationship with the matchless love of the Father.

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